Separating Signals

Separating signal from the noise is inevitable as a Leader, though it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Signal when picked-up, provides clarity and takes us closer to our goals. Noise is deceptive, distracting and moves us away from where we want to go. Consciously training oneself to differentiate signal from noise therefore adds to one’s Leadership Presence …

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Org Designs

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get – Anonymous. Scaling-up provides an opportunity to design many things – Where to play, How to play, Values, Business Principles, Org structure, Review systems and the like. The Organisational outcomes depend on the design. How invested am I in getting the designs as appropriate …

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Working back

While doing the Business Plan, ‘working back’ from where we need to be, say, in 4 years’ time, makes significant difference to the way we think, the way we plan, and what we achieve! Where we need to be in 4 years, for that, where we need to be in 3 years, for that, where …

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Scaling-up successfully

Research shows only 4% businesses scale-up successfully. The research attributes 3 reasons that account for 73% of business failures: Product – Market mismatch Lack of appropriate Marketing, Communication Inappropriate Business Models Is it possible to Scale-up successfully? The answer is Yes – by doing what only 4% of business owners are doing! #ceo #scaleup #leadership


One of the key aspects of being a Leader is making choices, taking decisions. While at that, filtering Signal from the Noise is extremely important. More important than one may think. Bad decisions are often attributed to lack of enough information while taking the decision. Research shows this is not true. It’s about filtering-out bad …

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Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure – Anonymous. That happens when we ‘seek’ something. And, we get what we seek. What am I seeking? Is my seeking strong enough, am I committed enough in my seeking? We get what we seek.


Leadership is about getting the priorities right. It’s easier said than done though. Getting the priorities right necessitates deriving clarity, and drawing insights that are relevant. This requires enhanced Leadership presence. Am I investing enough on enhancing my Leadership presence? #ceo #leadership #scaleup


Preparation – Its importance in achieving what we aim to achieve can’t be overstated; It’s often said when preparation meets opportunity, luck happens! How well am I prepared to achieve what I want to achieve? What am I doing today (as part of preparation) towards my journey?