Business Plans

Every year businesses make sales plans, business budgets, operational plans, OKRs, and so on – normally focused for an year. Scaling-up businesses need to work on plans, budgets, measures, and reviews that go for periods beyond 12 months too, for building growth. These could be matters such as preparing to enter new geographies, product / […]

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Aligning accountability with ability to influence outcomes (read as authority) is critical for high performance. Therefore, it needs to be factored into the roles, responsibilities, measures and metrics in our business. This also means people and teams need to be goaled and measured on metrics and expectations that they influence, that results from their actions;

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Scale-up Efforts

Successful business scale-up happens through deliberate effort, hardly by accident. Our time, attention, resources and efforts therefore need to be focused on things that enable business scale-up; things that really matter to facilitate accelerated business growth. Are we deliberate with our scale-up effort? Are we investing enough, in terms of our time, attention and resources,

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Blind spots

Uncovering our blind spots helps us work on them consciously. Blind spots may exist for (all of) us, in multiple forms – such as unconscious biases, confirmation bias, similarity bias, stereotyping and so on. It manifests in different ways – in our thinking, being and actions. The key issue with the blind spots is that

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Operating Rhythm

Setting an Operating rhythm in place is crucial in a Scale-up journey – consisting of a series of operational templates, reviews, check-ins, and execution routines that the Organisation practices in-sync. One of the key aspects in creating such an Operating rhythm is having well-structured reviews at different intervals, at multiple levels. And creating a review

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