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Are you ready to grow your business to the levels that you really want to?

PK’s ground-breaking Growth AcceleratorTM program follows the successful SCALE-UP BUSINESS MODELTM evolved through years of cutting-edge Executive Coaching and Consulting work done with Scale up Businesses.

Schedule a free 30-minute Business Accelerator Session with PK

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Working with PK on Growth AcceleratorTM program, you’ll be able to:

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What My Clients Say !

PK’s involvement with our business brought in much-needed focus and clarity to our company and helped us navigate easily through our complex issues. We successfully reached our high-growth revenue goals.
Sriram Chitturi
CEO, Shanders Group
Sessions with PK has provided me a structured program on how to Scale-up my business. As an entrepreneur, it is very easy to spend one’s time in day-to-day firefighting versus having a very concrete plan for the future.
Gaurav Khemani
CEO, Rollick
Working with PK, we learned to work together as a team, execute our plan of action, and move through the obstacles that had previously limited us. With PK’s help, we were able to Scale-up significantly.
Shrikumar Menon
It was a wonderful experience working with PK. I learned bringing clarity to thoughts is very important. This aspect has changed my thinking process. I feel more confident of our business and very focussed to achieve the goal which we have set-up for ourselves.
Gorakh Jhunjhunwala
CEO Meraqi
Through working with PK, we have successfully increased our company’s revenue from INR 16 Crores to now closing in on INR 100 Crore mark - all in a shorter period of time than we ever thought possible.
CMD Icon Homz
The interactions with PK has given insight into key business growth issues. It has helped in redefining our strategies and segments that we need to focus on for our overall growth and up coming projects.
Anil Kumar
CEO, Cynosure homez
With every passing session I was getting better and better with my day-to-day business activities, gaining Clarity on my way forward. I'm now driving my team towards INR 200 Crore revenue this year, and putting all the required foundations for 500 Crore & 800 Crore revenue targets for the coming years.
Sridhar Thirunakara
Founder & CEO, Arctic Fox, Outshiny