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Are you ready to grow your business to the levels that you really want to?

PK’s ground-breaking Growth AcceleratorTM program follows the successful SCALE-UP BUSINESS MODELTM evolved through years of cutting-edge Executive Coaching and Consulting work done with Scale up Businesses.

Schedule a free 30-minute Business Accelerator Session with PK

Here’s PK’s exclusive program Growth AcceleratorTM for you!

Working with PK on Growth AcceleratorTM program, you’ll be able to:

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What My Clients Say !

PK’s involvement with our business brought in much-needed focus and clarity to our company and helped us navigate easily through our complex issues. We successfully reached our high-growth revenue goals.
Sriram Chitturi
CEO, Shanders Group
Sessions with PK has provided me a structured program on how to Scale-up my business. As an entrepreneur, it is very easy to spend one’s time in day-to-day firefighting versus having a very concrete plan for the future.
Gaurav Khemani
CEO, Rollick
Working with PK, we learned to work together as a team, execute our plan of action, and move through the obstacles that had previously limited us. With PK’s help, we were able to Scale-up significantly.
Shrikumar Menon
It was a wonderful experience working with PK. I learned bringing clarity to thoughts is very important. This aspect has changed my thinking process. I feel more confident of our business and very focussed to achieve the goal which we have set-up for ourselves.
Gorakh Jhunjhunwala
CEO Meraqi