Growth Accelerator


Real Estate Developer

Accelerating Business Growth,
Create Strategic Business Plan,
Positioning For Long-Term Success

Engagement Intent:

  • Growing The Business To Annual Sales Of INR 300 Crore In 6 Years (From INR 16 Crores).
  • Formulate Business Strategy – Where To Play, How To Play; 6 Year Cohesive Business Plan; High Performance Management
  • Create An Organisation Structure, Culture And Practices To Achieve Growth.
  • Equipping The CEO To Accelerate, And Manage The Growth

Engagement Type: Growth Accelerator TM Coaching CEO, Mentoring Team (As Needed)

Outcomes: Sales Criteria Met For The Year 1, 2 And 3. Rs 300+ Crore Projects In Different Stages in year 4.


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Information Technology

Structuring The Business For Faster Growth, Taking Business To Next Level (Version 2.0 To 3.0)

Engagement Intent:

  • Validate Business Areas, Segments
  • Structuring And Creating BUs, Prepare For Segment Leadership
  • Aligning BU Heads For Performance Enhancement
  • Equipping The CEO With Enhanced Leadership Presence

Engagement Type: Growth Accelerator TM  Coaching CEO, BU Heads

Outcomes: 4 BUs Structured, Created. BUs Successfully Functional. Achieved Segment Leadership In 1 Segment In Year 2.



Accelerating Growth, Strategic Business Planning To Become A INR 350 Crore Business In 5 Years (From INR 34 Crores)

Engagement Intent:

  • Create Strategy For Accelerated Growth – Where To Play, How To Play
  • Positioning, Create Communication Strategies
  • Identify And Leverage Competitive Advantage, Accentuate Differentiators
  • Equip The CEO To Prepare For Faster Growth, Managing The Growth

Engagement Type: Growth Accelerator TM  Coaching CEO

Outcomes: Growth Objectives Successfully Met For Year 1, Year 2. Geographic Expansions – On Schedule.