What My Clients Say !

With clarity comes power, and PK’s sessions have given me a lot of clarity - of things to do as well as not to do. If you are looking for growth or help in crafting your vision, I would recommend using PK to provide all the right questions you would need to answer to move closer to your goal!

Sessions with PK has provided me a structured program on how to Scale-up my business. PK, through his questions and sessions, made me think very hard about the exact business that we were in, what our strengths are and where opportunities lies for growth. He has helped me build a 5 year vision of where I would like to take the sales of the organization.
Gaurav Khemani
CEO, Rollick Ice creams
We wanted to grow and multiply our revenue 400% in 3 years, but we were faced with multiple challenges. With PK’s help, we successfully reached our revenue goals in our desired time-frame and also had a few rounds of private equity infusions through the journey.

PK’s involvement with our business brought in much-needed focus and clarity to our company and helped us navigate easily through our complex issues. We successfully reached our high-growth revenue goals.
Sriram Chitturi
CEO, Shanders Group
We worked with PK in our bid to restructure our business. We were finding it a challenge to operate and grow our business and we needed a new operating structure to support our goals. Working with PK we were able to set ourselves on the path by creating and aligning 4 strategic business units (SBUs) in the business.

We were able to effectively collaborate with our teams to understand the hurdles being faced by them and effectively resolve them. I would highly recommend PK’s Leadership coaching services to any business!
Sharad Bairati
CEO, Embitel
PK does not mollycoddle in his coaching. He has very practical insights and always asks questions which changes my perspective immediately.

PK pushes your limits, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. You will make changes in your life in a very comfortable way while taking charge.
Uthara Narayanan
Buzz Women
PK got me to start looking at matters differently. I have changed - have become a proud and happy owner! He also worked on me to take some tough actions and how to encourage young new leaders in the business. I can highly recommend PK’s Leadership Coaching to Business owners and top managers.
Shanti Swarup Aggarwal
CEO Ovobel Foods
Through working with PK, we have successfully increased our company’s revenue from INR 16 Crores to now closing in on INR 100 Crore mark - all in a shorter period of time than we ever thought possible.
CMD Icon Homz
The interactions with PK has given insight into key business growth issues. It has helped in redefining our strategies and segments that we need to focus on for our overall growth and up-coming projects.
Anil Kumar
CEO, Cynosure homez
Interacting with PK taught me to ‘respond’ to situations, practicing ‘pause’ effectively, and improve my ‘presence’ significantly. It also helped me become more involved and decisive when it comes to choices and actions.
Vivek MP, Director
A large FMCG Business
It was a wonderful experience working with PK. I learned bringing clarity to thoughts is very important. This aspect has changed my thinking process. I feel more confident of our business and very focused to achieve the goal which we have set-up for ourselves.
Gorakh Jhunjhunwala
CEO Meraqi
Before I started, my main confusion was that I have probably stepped into too many things, and I was not sure of the way forward. Now I feel everything looks so achievable and going into the future I have absolute clarity as to where I'm heading. PK will show your face in the mirror with multiple angles which by itself will give you all the essential answers & clarity that you sought for. This is the best investment in your life.
Sridhar Thirunakara
Founder & CEO, Arctic Fox, Outshiny