Leadership Coaching in Bengaluru

If you are looking to  grow your impact as a leader, enhance your leadership presence or overcome blind spots that are stalling your growth as a leader,  “Me the Leader” program is the best solution for you. 

Me the Leader” , is an exclusive leadership coaching program by PK for business leaders across multiple industries in Bengaluru – FMCG, construction and real estate to name a few. 

Working with a range of Leaders over the past 18+ years, PK has many insights on how to grow and enhance a leader’s presence through his leadership coaching program.. 

Outcomes of Leadership Coaching Program

  • Enhanced leadership presence, so that you could
    create the impact that you want to create as a leader
  • Working around the challenges confidently, Finding
    solutions faster
  • Discovering blind spots that are stalling your growth
    and overcoming them effectively
  • Improving your focus, Dealing with distractions that
    are holding you back from reaching your goals
  • Enhancing awareness, deriving clarity for yourself, providing clarity to your teams

What my Clients in Bengaluru Say on Leadership Training

Here is snapshot of what my clients say about my leadership coaching program in Bengaluru.

“Through working with PK, we have successfully increased our company’s revenue from INR 16 Crores to now closing in on INR 100 Crore mark – all in a shorter period of time than we ever thought possible.” – CMD, real estate conglomerate in Bengaluru on leadership program.

“The interactions with PK has given insight into key business growth issues. It has helped in redefining our strategies and segments that we need to focus on for our overall growth and up-coming projects.” – CEO, Cynosure Homez.

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Case Study: Leadership Coaching Program in Bengaluru

Client Profile:

A growing FMCG CXO

Engagement Intent:

  1.  Become more expressive and assertive with own views
  2.  Inspire Teams, act as mentor
  3.  Earn Respect of Team members


  • Intent 1 – Positive from CEO. Positive from APAC functional Leader too.
  • Intent 2 & 3 – Positive from Client. Positive from HR Leader (based on feedback from team members).
  • Client moved on all objectives successfully.