Are we listening (enough) to the feedbacks our actions generate? As a leader everything we do (and don’t do) creates feedback. Effective leaders listen. Do more of what goes well; and stop doing / do less of that goes badly. Are we listening (enough)? #ceo #scaleup #leadership #business

Blind spots

Uncovering our blind spots helps us work on them consciously. Blind spots may exist for (all of) us, in multiple forms – such as unconscious biases, confirmation bias, similarity bias, stereotyping and so on. It manifests in different ways – in our thinking, being and actions. The key issue with the blind spots is that …

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Successful Scale-ups

The Top-5 enablers for successful business scale-ups, according to a study, are: Focus – clear positioning, alignment of internal resources to business purpose / goals Dynamism – being open, flexible, agile Preparation – on multiple fronts, areas, functions Growth-based thinking – empowering teams, people Excellence in execution #ceo #scaleup #business


What we focus on, expands. What we focus on is where our energy flows. What we focus on influences our decisions. Often good decisions arise out of focusing on the right areas, areas that are relevant, areas that really matter. And the bad ones result out of focusing on wrong areas, that are less relevant, …

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Leadership Impact

Leadership plays a crucial role in Scaling-up a business. It involves enhancing one’s Leadership impact. It also involves consciously building and developing Leadership at multiple levels within the business. To Scale-up the business, we need to Scale-up the people operating it. Leaders could significantly enhance their Leadership impact, and nurture Leadership within the business, working …

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Simplifying inspires action; and Scaling up needs action. A lot of it. When we simplify, we are effective, more productive, less stressed, more efficient. And we save time. One of the ways in Simplifying is cutting things down to its essence – minimalizing – rooting out extra steps, and doing only what’s truly needed. This …

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Emotional Drive

It’s the Emotional drive that fuels the Scaling-up process – though strategy, logic and the like are often over-rated. The Emotional urge one has towards the business, towards the purpose, powers the Emotional drive – for self and the Team. It’s the Emotional drive that helps one go beyond comfort zones, navigate the course despite …

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Active Recruiting

Scaling-up businesses are on a recruiting mode. Always. ‘Active Recruiting Posture’, as Frank Slootman calls it. Scaling-up businesses need to plan and engage in their talent hunt not just to meet their current needs, but to feed their emerging needs in future, as the growth is significantly faster. Therefore the approach to talent and hiring …

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