Leadership Presence

Enhancing one’s Leadership Presence helps Leaders inspire, influence, and impact more. ‘Every next level of your life will require a different you’ – Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s about consciously operating from a different coordinate, an elevated orbit, a more resourceful state. The good news is that we can enhance our Leadership Presence. #CEO #Scaleup #leadership #business


What we focus on, expands. What we focus on is where our energy flows. What we focus on influences our decisions. Often good decisions arise out of focusing on the right areas, areas that are relevant, areas that really matter. And the bad ones result out of focusing on wrong areas, that are less relevant, …

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Simplifying inspires action; and Scaling up needs action. A lot of it. When we simplify, we are effective, more productive, less stressed, more efficient. And we save time. One of the ways in Simplifying is cutting things down to its essence – minimalizing – rooting out extra steps, and doing only what’s truly needed. This …

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10:10:10 Rule

Happened to read about the 10:10:10 rule on decision making – that brings a perspective while seeking clarity on options available; especially when the solutions are not going to make everyone happy. It’s asking – how will we feel about it in 10 minutes from now? Would it (really) matter and how. How about 10 …

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One of the key ingredients of enhanced Leadership Presence is the ability to Simplify – Simplifying the thoughts, Simplifying the plans, Simplifying the communication… Simplifying leads to peak performance. When we Simplify, things become clearer to us; and to the teams / stakeholders. Am I striving enough to Simplify? #ceo #scaleup #leadership

Drawing insights

Being curious, being open is considered one of the most desired leadership attributes of current times. Invariably this leads to eliciting diverse, complex, conflicting views and information. This calls for leaders being able to interpret what they see and hear. And draw insights. The impactful leaders are those, who can interpret, draw insights from the …

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10 / 10 / 10 Check

The decisions we take have consequences. Often thinking (over-thinking) about them emotionally makes the decision making process confusing and awfully slow. The fact is that not all of them have long-term consequences. Not all of them are life-changing! One constructive approach while taking decisions is to think of what will be the consequences, what will …

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