7 ways CEOs could enhance their Leadership Presence

Leadership presence helps leaders heighten their influence, their impact. Growing leadership presence therefore makes immense sense; and it’s possible for CEOs and Business Leaders to enhance and grow their leadership presence working with experienced Leadership Coaches.

Working with a variety of CEOs and Business leaders, I’ve seen developing leadership skills, growing leadership as a conscious process, is a possibility. Often it involves practicing enhanced leadership presence.

Here are 7 ways one could enhance their leadership presence:

  1. Being present: first and foremost is ‘to be there’ – in whole; every moment. ‘Wherever you are, make sure you’re there’ said Dan Sullivan.
  2. Listening: Ability to listen enhances leadership presence. Listening, observing, improves ability to perceive things as they are, than as what we think they are.
  3. Communicating: Clearly – in a simple, appropriate, decisive way.
  4. Influencing: being able to influence people and impact outcomes positively.
  5. Being open: curiosity adds to one’s leadership presence; being open to realities, possibilities, therefore helps.
  6. Simplifying: anything complex stymies action. Ability to simplify is key to increased leadership presence.
  7. Managing emotions: increased awareness of emotions – self and others – and being sensitive to those help enhance one’s leadership presence.

The good news is that one could take support of an experienced Leadership Coach and improve, enhance their leadership presence. One-on-one Coaching helps the leader to work-on whichever aspect, whichever area that’s relevant for them to build-on.

About the Author:

As a CEO Coach, PK has been helping Business leaders Scale-up their Leadership Pesence since 2013. Through his celebrated Leadership Coaching program ‘Me The Leader’, PK enables CEOs, Business Leaders become the Leaders that they really want to!

Leadership Coaching is available at Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and virtually / online everywhere!

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