Decisions and Doing

Often we experience there’s a (big) gap, distance between deciding and doing. It’s the doing (action) that changes our lives – not the ideas, or thoughts or even decisions. How do we bridge the gap between deciding and doing? How do we translate decisions in to actions? A Coach could help! #ceo #leadership #scaleup #action


What we have done so far is one story – that’s not indicative of what we are capable of doing going forward. As Humans, we have immense possibility to create a story ‘now on’ that’s significantly different from the one ‘so far’. It is our dreams that energise us more than our abilities – said …

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Ability to change

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change – Albert Einstein. Relevant at all times; particularly in situations like the current one. How do we change / adapt / orient / re-orient to changing realities and stay relevant? This may entail imagination, application and inspiration at multiple levels – on a continuous basis. As …

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If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree – anonymous. As beings, we are empowered to make our choices. As a leader, I can move myself and my business to the levels that I really want to. Do I like where I am? Do I like my business the way …

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We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are – Max De Pree. Making the move. From where we are to where we want to be. From who we are to who we need to be – for making that move. It’s critical.

Bringing change

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily – John C. Maxwell. What I do on a daily basis counts; determines what I become, over a period of time. If I want change, want results different from what am getting, need to change something that I do daily! And stay committed …

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If you fight them, you’re probably fighting the future. Embrace them and you have a tailwind – Jeff Bezos on external influences / changes. Change can be frightening, disruptive; Change throws open opportunities too! Resisting, accepting, adapting or embracing. What’s my choice?


It is not necessary for someone else to be wrong for one to be right. Conflicts seem combative. Is it possible to make it Collaborative? Inclusive? Is it possible to tune (re-tune) our thoughts, the words, the approach..? Every time?

Transformational change

Bringing incremental change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Interesting.. Bringing transformational change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Sensational.. Thrilling for the people around too.. That is unleashing one’s potential – unleashing everyone’s potential around.. Where the journey, the means, is as much meaningful and joyful as the purpose.. Why not?