9 Fun-facts About Leading A Scale-up Business

Recently a Business Leader asked me how’s it different to lead a Scale-up business vis-a-vis a normal (growing) business?

It’s like driving in a highway vis-a-vis driving within the city.

  1. A moment of distraction can cause havoc in the highway (for self and others), whereas in the city one may manage to get away with a few dents and bruises. Scale-up requires increased levels of focus, attention, and ability to manage distractions.

  2. A drive in the highway requires higher levels of preparation, at multiple levels – the vehicle readiness, robust mechanical condition, well-lubricated joints, proper fluid levels, ability to refuel. Scale-up requires adequate and thorough preparation at multiple levels. (For a drive in the city, one may manage with lesser levels of preparation).

  3. A drive in the highway requires higher levels of planning, strategising in terms of route, food, stay, fuel, finances and such other requirements of self and fellow travelers. Scale-up requires higher levels of planning and strategising so that the odds for success is maximised. (For a drive in the city one can get away with lesser levels of planning).

  4. If one gets stuck in the highway for whatever reason, help and rescue may be far and few, may take time. Scale-up requires safeguards and efforts to avoid getting stuck (In a city it’s easier to find help).

  5. A drive in the highway moves one in to a whole new place – fellow travelers too. Scale-up takes the business and the people in to a whole new level – to a different orbit altogether. (In a drive in the city, one doesn’t leave the city).

  6. A drive in the highway results in higher fuel-burn rate, consumes more fuel, energy per time. Scale-up consumes more energy, capital and resources.

  7. A drive in the highway takes one through unfamiliar areas, new vistas, places, different weather conditions. Scale-up takes one through different, unfamiliar territories, experiences, and changing conditions.

  8. Highways are relatively less crowded. Scale-up businesses are fewer in number. City roads are crowded.

  9. A drive in the highway often takes one out of their comfort zones, makes one adapt, adjust / re-adjust their needs, affairs, responses. Scale-up moves people out of their comfort zones, makes them adapt and embrace the new.
Leading a Scale-up Business – It’s different!

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