Learning Mindset

Successful Leaders and High-performance Teams learn fast. This is made possible by (consciously) developing and practicing a constant learning mindset – that enables them to experiment, try new things unafraid of failing, focusing on the aspect of learning all the time. It’s further aided by exploring questions such as ‘Is this the best that we …

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Creative Solutioning

When it comes to finding solutions, we humans have always been creative. One of the key aspects of Creative Solutioning involves starting from where we are. Using what we have. The resource constraint in a way fuels Creative Solutioning – starting with what we have, creating a minimum viable product / solution, though it’s not …

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When you innovate, you make mistakes. It’s best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations – Steve Jobs. In a way, if we are not making mistakes, we are not innovating enough. The key is to admit mistakes fast enough and keep moving, than being in a denial mode. Are …

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Being curious

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious – Albert Einstein. Researches show curiosity leads to creativity, innovation, and even better relationships with people around. Being curious also helps in being open. As a leader, how curious I am?

What works

‘If it works, don’t fix it. Once you know what works, do more of what works. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it again, do something different’ – Anonymous. Are we watching enough of what we do, what happens, what works?


‘I would place my bet on curiosity’ – Michael Dell, when asked to name the single most important attribute that CEOs need to succeed in turbulent times. Curiosity – that which helps us to explore, listen, be receptive, be open-minded, rejoice… and to enjoy life, and the journey…


What can I improve today? It is well established that small improvements on a continuous basis leads to massively (disproportional) positive outcomes over a period of time. So, what can I improve today?


Creativity and Innovation often comes with associated risks. That means ‘Blue oceans’ also have risks – mostly unknown, as they are uncharted. The excitement is in taking them, managing them and traversing them..