Where to play? Insights from a Scaleup Coach

Research shows only 4% of the businesses scaleup successfully. There’s a reason why they do – they activate the Scaleup Enablers in their businesses!

One of them is choosing ‘Where to play’. Choosing where to play, or Positioning, is one of the key enablers for a successful scaleup.

Scaleup leaders need to be strategic here. As a Business Owner one may seem to have a choice to play anywhere. Scaleup Leadership is about making that choice. Consciously. With care.

A Business has two sides – What we are and what we do, on one side; What ‘others’ see us as, on the other. When the business makes a conscious choice of ‘Where to play’, what ‘others’ see transforms itself into what ‘Prospects’ see.

This is magical. This opens-up tremendous possibilities for scaleup.

It’s well known that when we position our business to be appealing to everyone, it appeals to no one. Choosing ‘Where to play’ is about positioning our business attractive to a particular customer segment, appealing to a specific customer profile – in terms of price point, ticket size, market segment, geography; making the business visible to them, attractive for them. A Scaleup Business Coach  could help Scaleup leaders here.

A business that has made a strategic choice of ‘where to play’ becomes appealing to ‘Prospects’ – It facilitates and fuels the ‘pull’ from the prospects. Along with the out-bound push (from the business), it propels a successful Scaleup. When we consciously choose to play in a particular area, servicing a particular customer segment, our business becomes relevant for them. And remains relevant for them.

Choosing ‘where to play’ is an integral part of Scaleup Leadership. While making that choice, Scaleup Leaders wanting to scaleup their businesses could benefit immensely from working with a Scaleup Business Coach

About the Author:

PK Narayanan, a CEO Coach, has been helping CEOs and Business Leaders Scale-up their Business and Leadership Presence through his ‘Growth Accelerator’ and ‘Me The Leader’ programs.

Scaleup Leadership Coaching is available at Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and virtually / online everywhere!

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