We have heard ‘speed to market’ is critical. Possibly yes. What we also need to consider is ‘Pacing’ – Pacing oneself and one’s business to the speed that’s safe and smooth. Smooth is fast. Calibrating one’s pace while Scaling-up is supremely important. It’s strategic, it’s dynamic; and more importantly a conscious choice to make in …

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10:10:10 Rule

Happened to read about the 10:10:10 rule on decision making – that brings a perspective while seeking clarity on options available; especially when the solutions are not going to make everyone happy. It’s asking – how will we feel about it in 10 minutes from now? Would it (really) matter and how. How about 10 …

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CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching happens through a series of one-on-one conversations, held in a non-judgmental environment, with high levels of confidentiality, with actions on the ground happening in-parallel. CEO Coaching helps CEOs explore, get challenged, reflect, think deeper, discover blind spots. It helps them simplify, unpack complexities, look for clarity, focus better, find appropriate solutions that works …

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Asking for help

Do I ask for help? ‘Asking for help’ is a powerful enabler for Business Leaders to action their thoughts, realize their dreams. ‘Asking for help’ helps them turn their vision into reality. Steve Jobs once said: ‘I’ve never found anybody who didn’t want to help me when I’ve asked them for help. I’ve never found …

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Being Effective

Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing – Peter Drucker. How tuned we are to be Effective? To do what’s needed? Leadership Presence helps one to be Effective. And efficient. The good news is that we can enhance one’s Leadership Presence.