Where focus goes, energy flows – Anonymous. It’s about where our focus is; it’s about what we focus on. Also, what we focus on, expands. Am I focusing on the right areas? As a team, are we focusing on the apt areas? #ceo #scaleup #business #leadership

Being Present

Leaders are present. ‘Being present’ enhances one’s Leadership Presence significantly. One could consciously work on being present – in whole, wherever we are; with the person(s) we are with, in the situation that we are in. It also means focusing on one thing at a time (instead of multi-tasking) – shutting out distractions. Being present …

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Leadership Presence

Enhancing one’s Leadership Presence helps Leaders inspire, influence, and impact more. ‘Every next level of your life will require a different you’ – Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s about consciously operating from a different coordinate, an elevated orbit, a more resourceful state. The good news is that we can enhance our Leadership Presence. #CEO #Scaleup #leadership #business

Flexibility in Schedules

Business Owners / CEOs often experience packed schedules – back to back with engagements, reviews, meetings – literally fighting for time. It’s important that Leaders build flexibility in to their schedules – to attend and respond to the unexpected; to think; to reflect. Some of the ways are scheduling ‘me-time’, having short recovery breaks between …

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Building A-Team

Building an A-Team  (a Team of A-Players)  is critical for Business success; especially for Scaling-up. A-Players generally have a sense of security, integrity, and the ability to attract and nurture the best team working for them. A-Players hire people smarter than them; whereas B-Players hire C-Players who are assured not to outsmart or outshine them. …

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Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety among Team members enhances Team performance. Psychological Safety allows Team members to voice their views, act without fear of being labelled, targeted or ridiculed. It inspires creativity, leads to increased levels of engagement, and improves Team member performance and overall well-being. As Leaders it helps us enhance our Leadership Impact. Are we mindful …

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Are we listening (enough) to the feedbacks our actions generate? As a leader everything we do (and don’t do) creates feedback. Effective leaders listen. Do more of what goes well; and stop doing / do less of that goes badly. Are we listening (enough)? #ceo #scaleup #leadership #business

Blind spots

Uncovering our blind spots helps us work on them consciously. Blind spots may exist for (all of) us, in multiple forms – such as unconscious biases, confirmation bias, similarity bias, stereotyping and so on. It manifests in different ways – in our thinking, being and actions. The key issue with the blind spots is that …

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What we focus on, expands. What we focus on is where our energy flows. What we focus on influences our decisions. Often good decisions arise out of focusing on the right areas, areas that are relevant, areas that really matter. And the bad ones result out of focusing on wrong areas, that are less relevant, …

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