Execution Matters!

Ideas matter, but execution matters even more. An idea is (only) as good as its execution. It’s essential therefore to build Excellence in Execution alongside creating Winning Strategies. The ability to do both can be the difference between success and failure for a CEO / Entrepreneur / Business Owner. #ceo #scaleup #leadership


One of the key ingredients of enhanced Leadership Presence is the ability to Simplify – Simplifying the thoughts, Simplifying the plans, Simplifying the communication… Simplifying leads to peak performance. When we Simplify, things become clearer to us; and to the teams / stakeholders. Am I striving enough to Simplify? #ceo #scaleup #leadership


If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter – Mark Twain. Brevity, using precise, concise words in communication, is key to Leadership. Brevity helps Leaders communicate effectively, with clarity, saying truly what needs to be said; And demonstrates their respect for those around and their time. Am I practicing brevity? #ceo …

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Separating Signals

Separating signal from the noise is inevitable as a Leader, though it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Signal when picked-up, provides clarity and takes us closer to our goals. Noise is deceptive, distracting and moves us away from where we want to go. Consciously training oneself to differentiate signal from noise therefore adds to one’s Leadership Presence …

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Being Decisive

Leaders are expected to be decisive, even amidst chaos and uncertainties. Leadership calls for making choices and taking decisions swift enough, yet not in haste. Gathering intelligence and information are important, but waiting for 100% lucidity leads to delay, indecision, or an irrelevant decision. Accelerated decision making or 70% rule as Jeff Bezos calls it, …

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Org Designs

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get – Anonymous. Scaling-up provides an opportunity to design many things – Where to play, How to play, Values, Business Principles, Org structure, Review systems and the like. The Organisational outcomes depend on the design. How invested am I in getting the designs as appropriate …

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While giving (or receiving) feedback, the emphasis is on the past. It has its benefits, shortcomings. When we practice Feed-forward, the focus shifts to the future – to forward-looking, future-oriented solutions. For example, from providing critical feedback on the way a Customer was handled, to Feed-forward, providing suggestions and encouragement on handling Customers going forward. …

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Building Trust

Trust is an essential part of Leadership presence; A Business Leader wants to be trusted – inside and outside the Organisation. How do I build, enhance my Trustworthiness? A study by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published in HBR found there are 3 key elements to Trust: 1.      Positive relationships 2.      Good judgment / expertise …

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Rule Of Thirds

How much of my potential am using right now? If we’re not terrified a third of the time, we’re probably not pushing ourselves hard enough to reach our full potential; Rule of thirds, propounded by Nandita Bakhshi encourages us to spend ‘one third time in my comfort zone, one third a stretch, and one third …

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One of the key aspects of being a Leader is making choices, taking decisions. While at that, filtering Signal from the Noise is extremely important. More important than one may think. Bad decisions are often attributed to lack of enough information while taking the decision. Research shows this is not true. It’s about filtering-out bad …

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