At the edge

Leadership Impact

Leadership plays a crucial role in Scaling-up a business. It involves enhancing one’s Leadership impact. It also involves consciously building and developing Leadership at multiple levels within the business. To Scale-up the business, we need to Scale-up the people operating it. Leaders could significantly enhance their Leadership impact, and nurture Leadership within the business, working …

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Emotional Drive

It’s the Emotional drive that fuels the Scaling-up process – though strategy, logic and the like are often over-rated. The Emotional urge one has towards the business, towards the purpose, powers the Emotional drive – for self and the Team. It’s the Emotional drive that helps one go beyond comfort zones, navigate the course despite …

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Research shows (only) 4% businesses Scale-up successfully. The vast 96% either survive or perish. 73% of Business failures are attributed to (just) 3 reasons: Product-Market mismatch, Inefficient Marketing and Communication, and Inappropriate Business model. Another study by researchers say 55% of new Businesses fail because of people issues. To Scale-up successfully, we need to do …

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Time for strategic thinking

In a study of 10,000 plus senior leaders, 97% of them said being strategic is the leadership behaviour most important for Organisation’s success. Interestingly, 96% of the leaders surveyed said they lacked time for strategic thinking! Why we are unable to make time for strategic thinking? Providing time and space, on a daily basis, for …

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Leadership presence

Leadership presence is the hallmark of successful leaders. By definition, when I have leadership presence I’m able to exert influence on others beyond that’s conferred by formal authority. Being present, genuine, clear, authentic, trustworthy, consistent, resolute and resilient significantly contributes to building and enhancing leadership presence. The good news is that we can build leadership …

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Getting started

The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain. True. There’s a distance between the decision and the action. It’s crucial. Am I getting started, am I taking actions, on the decisions that am making? #leadership #ceo #coaching

Potential, possibilities

Potential, possibilities – are unlimited. What’s possible and what I think is possible – can be different. What one has done in the past is no way indicative of what one is capable of; or what one could do in future. Am I using my potential? Am I exploring my possibilities?