At the edge

Unleash the Potential

Potential… Unlimited. Opportunities… Unlimited. Coaching facilitates unleashing one’s potential. “Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential. At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience” – International Coach Federation (ICF).


“Your life shows us what you’ve settled for” – Robin Sharma. Are we at our potential? Here, Now? What prevents us (from reaching our potential)? Probably many reasons… At times known, at times not.. The good news is that we can work on it. If we know, if aware, if we want to.. A Coach …

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We have heard – ‘expect the unexpected’. How easy, practical is it? One needs to train oneself to be ready – all the times – to receive surprises.. The key is, how one responds..


It is a myth (even in developed markets) that Coaching is remedial. It is not. Coaching is very pro-active, forward-looking, positive, constructive.. Enhancing performance.. Impacting outcomes..

Corporate culture

Corporate culture – once set, normally outlives the particular leader who has been instrumental in creating it. Invisible, yet felt by all – every moment.. A key aspect to factor-in, work-on, in any change initiative..

Lifelong learners

Happened to read about ‘Lifelong learning’ – a key attribute that keeps successful leaders alive and kicking.. Lifelong learners keep pushing themselves out of the comfort zones.. are open to new ideas, are ready to listen… perform truthful reflections.. keep themselves abreast of the environment..


When the outcomes are not as intended, often I try finding justification for my actions under the garb of ‘my intent’. The other, views it from the ‘outcome’ standpoint – and its consequences (on him / her..) Is it possible for me to relate with the outcome and its consequences first? Once I do that, …

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Life has finite active moments. Experiences and learnings earned during those moments enrich the rest of the span. Thankfully, we need not try and experience (everything) our-selves to learn from..