Building Trust

Trust is an essential part of Leadership presence; A Business Leader wants to be trusted – inside and outside the Organisation. How do I build, enhance my Trustworthiness? A study by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published in HBR found there are 3 key elements to Trust: 1.      Positive relationships 2.      Good judgment / expertise …

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Working back

While doing the Business Plan, ‘working back’ from where we need to be, say, in 4 years’ time, makes significant difference to the way we think, the way we plan, and what we achieve! Where we need to be in 4 years, for that, where we need to be in 3 years, for that, where …

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Scaling-up successfully

Research shows only 4% businesses scale-up successfully. The research attributes 3 reasons that account for 73% of business failures: Product – Market mismatch Lack of appropriate Marketing, Communication Inappropriate Business Models Is it possible to Scale-up successfully? The answer is Yes – by doing what only 4% of business owners are doing! #ceo #scaleup #leadership