Brain storming

To be effective, needs to be non-judgmental. Every idea should be welcome, written down… Judgment is the fastest way to shut down the flow of ideas, creativity.. Therefore the caveat. Kill one idea early on with judgment, many more will be left unsaid. Are we (non-judgmental in our brainstorming sessions)? Can we be?


‘Do work that pushes you to your edges’ – Robin Sharma. Stretch.. Go to the edge of (one’s) limits.. Many a times, then we realise that the limits were self-imposed. The limits that we thought as limits once become new normal. Limits expand.

How good

“You are only as good as your last decision” – my Boss, circa 1999. A great learning for me that day.. And since then.. The need to apply ourselves – every moment, in every choice, in every decision.. Being mindful, being present.


Any strategy or plan is as good as it is executed. Excellence in execution matters. Maintaining momentum, keeping oneself engaged, excited and energised through the execution phase – difficult, yet crucial..


Individual excellence and collective brilliance – something that every leader and the teams love to work towards.. Then, where is it getting lost? As a leader, how do I traverse this path? Chasing that common goal, broader good.. Reigning over individual priorities / preferences / likes / dislikes / egos..