Taking Decisions

Leadership is about being decisive, and taking decisions in-time. A recent survey found, among CEOs fired over issues related to decision making, only a third lost their jobs due to bad decisions; the rest were ousted for being indecisive. Taking decisions and keep moving at the right pace is crucial. #ceo #leadership #scaleup #decision


Due to the heat expansion of the tower’s iron in the summer sun, the Eiffel Tower’s height can grow by up-to 6 inches. As leaders, can we consciously build and keep flexibility in our structures, ways, means, and methods?

Business Fitness

While on a Scaling-up journey, businesses have a tendency to accumulate fat at wrong places – for eg: fat in the belly. One needs to pay attention, needs to be mindful, that we remain fit and healthy as we grow – for eg: Financial fitness, Marketing fitness, Sales fitness, Operations fitness, Talent fitness… Need to …

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What we have done so far is one story – that’s not indicative of what we are capable of doing going forward. As Humans, we have immense possibility to create a story ‘now on’ that’s significantly different from the one ‘so far’. It is our dreams that energise us more than our abilities – said …

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We might be seeing opportunities and possibilities floating around us in different types, shapes and sizes. Many of them might even look tempting to go for. Saying yes to them may make us incredibly busy. Whether it would translate in to a successful business outcome is always in question. As Steve Jobs said once, if …

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Best versions

Best outcomes happen when we are in our best versions. Therefore the leader’s priority is to get the best versions of every team member, every day. How do we get that? One way is to be the best version of ourselves. Then, the chances of getting the best version of others are high!


When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t – Thomas Edison. Possibilities seem endless, unlimited. Only to those who seek. Next time when we feel we have exhausted all possibilities, let’s remember what Mr Edison has said; we may find more… #leadership #ceo #coaching


Hiring is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to build the future of your organization – Julie Zhuo of Facebook. As a leader, am I conscious of this opportunity? Am I consciously involved in building and managing the talent pool that’s needed in my business? How much time, effort and energy I’m …

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