Feedback is the breakfast of Champions – Ken Blanchard. Feedback helps. It is nourishing. Also, feedback need not be accumulated (over time) and offered all-at-once! Frequency matters – like breakfast (everyday). How often do we receive? How often do we give?


Feedback is often viewed through a frame of judgment: Good and bad, Right and wrong – Both by the giver and the receiver. Emphasis shifts to person, than action. These frames lead one to be defensive with own view. If feedback could be offered and received with openness, it becomes part of learning.. Opens up …

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We find it tough to receive feedback that we don’t agree with. One of the ways to deal with it is not to take them personally – easily said than done. Need to transcend this, to become a leader. Once tuned to receive the feedbacks, the kind of freedom that one enjoys, the broadening of …

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Receiving feedback – a skill that needs to be perfected. Receiving feedback, listening with openness – assumes greater significance when making choices, taking decisions. When we offer a suggestion or feedback to another, what do we expect?