Working back

While doing the Business Plan, ‘working back’ from where we need to be, say, in 4 years’ time, makes significant difference to the way we think, the way we plan, and what we achieve!

Where we need to be in 4 years, for that, where we need to be in 3 years, for that, where we need to be in 2 years, and therefore, what we need to do in year 1 – that becomes the approach.

We often tend to over-estimate what we can accomplish in one year and under-estimate what we could achieve over long term. ‘Working back’ addresses them in a practical way!

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4 thoughts on “Working back”

  1. This is a capability n skill issue with individuals. How far someone can visualise realistically is God Gifted capability and doing backwards break down from end to beginning is a skill which can b developed by CEO coach like u. I love to join yr coaching

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