Happened to read – ‘re-invent or die’.. Made me think – have I invented myself Enough? Entirely? Are there spaces that ‘I am’, yet to be explored, manifested, fructified.. When do I invent them? How much time am I spending ‘chasing me’? My areas, My talents, My potential?

Leadership presence

Leadership presence – Truly needed. Everywhere. Can I live / demonstrate Leadership presence? Every moment? What it calls for? Competency, Credibility, Stewardship, Humility, Ethics, Confidence.. Real presents. Presents that I can build myself, continue to build myself..

Extra mile

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” – Roger staubach, former star of NFL. The extra mile – can I run this more often? Is it possible to make it a habit? What happens to my environment when I do this?

Transformational change

Bringing incremental change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Interesting.. Bringing transformational change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Sensational.. Thrilling for the people around too.. That is unleashing one’s potential – unleashing everyone’s potential around.. Where the journey, the means, is as much meaningful and joyful as the purpose.. Why not?

Unleash potential

"It is the road signs, ‘Beware of lions’" – Kip Lagat, Kenyan long distance runner, when asked why his country produces so many great runners. Good (practical!) observation. Quite usual. But, to bring out the best in us, do we need to be challenged to this extent? Is that extreme adversities alone can bring our …

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Anger – 1

A 9th standard student in our JoyClub interactions (www.vset.org) mentioned: ‘It is wiser to direct our anger towards the problems – not the people. By doing that, we can manage our anger better and enjoy good relations as well’ Easier said than done.. Following an (angry) exchange next time, how soon are we able to …

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What one ‘is’ and what one is ‘seen as / perceived as’ – Can it be very different? Is it intentional? Perception management can work to what extent? How long? With whom? Should the attempt therefore be to narrow down the gap, as one proceeds with life?  Awareness helps..