‘What you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know’ – Tony Wagner. True – What I know is one thing. What I do with what I know is another. Ability to innovate, create, bring new possibilities to life – creating solid differentiators. Extremely relevant in today’s context..


"Never give an order that can’t be obeyed." – General Douglas MacArthur. Though it refers to ‘order’ and ‘obeying’, terminologies that may be less relevant in our circumstances, the message is relevant.. Apart from the feasibility / practicality bit (which is often factored-in) can I factor-in the fairness bit.. Every time..


Happened to read – ‘re-invent or die’.. Made me think – have I invented myself Enough? Entirely? Are there spaces that ‘I am’, yet to be explored, manifested, fructified.. When do I invent them? How much time am I spending ‘chasing me’? My areas, My talents, My potential?

Leadership presence

Leadership presence – Truly needed. Everywhere. Can I live / demonstrate Leadership presence? Every moment? What it calls for? Competency, Credibility, Stewardship, Humility, Ethics, Confidence.. Real presents. Presents that I can build myself, continue to build myself..

Extra mile

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” – Roger staubach, former star of NFL. The extra mile – can I run this more often? Is it possible to make it a habit? What happens to my environment when I do this?

Transformational change

Bringing incremental change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Interesting.. Bringing transformational change to one-self, one’s eco-system or environment? Sensational.. Thrilling for the people around too.. That is unleashing one’s potential – unleashing everyone’s potential around.. Where the journey, the means, is as much meaningful and joyful as the purpose.. Why not?