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Meet PK Narayanan

I’ve been helping Business Owners and CEOs Scale-up their Business since 2003.

Also I help CEOs / CXOs Scale-up their Leadership Presence, and enhance their Leadership impact.

Prior to 2003, I’d been leading businesses growing at scorching pace as CFO and CEO, in India and Australia.

Business Owners and CEOs on a Scale-up journey face multiple challenges on various fronts, often leading them to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and helpless, stalling their Scale-up journey.

Scaling-up is a possibility for every business, if we execute a winning strategy. My Scale-up Business ModelTM  does exactly that!

As CEOs, CXOs and Business Leaders, it’s possible for one to enhance their Leadership Impact, by strengthening their Leadership Presence. My Leadership Presence ModelTM  helps one achieve that effectively!

Working with me, Business Owners, CEOs, CXOs and Business Leaders are able to  Scale-up their Business, enhance their Leadership Impact, and position their Business for long-term success.

My mission is to enable Business Owners, CEOs and Business Leaders Scale-up their Business, enhance their Leadership Presence, creating Positive Impact for themselves, their People, and Society at large! Propelling Prosperity!

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30+ Years of Experience

In Scaling-up and accelerating business growth

In building and enhancing Leadership Presence

In Propelling Prosperity

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Positive impact for Leaders, their People, and the Society at large.

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CEO Coach, Scale-up Business Coach

Why Choose Me !

Focus on Scaling-up

I’ve been helping businesses to grow for 20+ years. I help my Clients succeed by finding a winning strategy and pursuing excellence in execution.


I help my Client Leaders simplify things, unpack their complexities. When we simplify, things get done.




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CEO Coach, Scale-up Business Coach

What My Clients Say

With clarity comes power, and PK’s sessions have given me a lot of clarity - of things to do as well as not to do. If you are looking for growth or help in crafting your vision, I would recommend using PK to provide all the right questions you would need to answer to move closer to your goal!
Gaurav Khemani
CEO, Rollick
We wanted to grow and multiply our revenue 400% in 3 years, but we were faced with multiple challenges. With PK’s help, we successfully reached our revenue goals in our desired time-frame and also had a few rounds of private equity infusions through the journey.
Sriram Chitturi
CEO, Shanders Group
We worked with PK in our bid to restructure our business. We were finding it a challenge to operate and grow our business and we needed a new operating structure to support our goals. Working with PK we were able to set ourselves on the path by creating and aligning 4 strategic business units (SBUs) in the business.
Sharad Bairati
CEO, Embitel

CEOs: Increase Your Revenues and Profits Year After Year!

Are you ready to grow your business to the levels that you really want to?

A great leader must be able to strategise, innovate, adapt and change as their business grows if they want to stay ahead in the game and see growth year after year. At the same time, as the leader of your company, there’s a lot of pressure on you to perform and it’s never as easy as it seems to juggle all the moving parts.

Does this describe you?

  • Are you overwhelmed with the numerous challenges of growing your business in the face of increased competition and uncertainties?
  • Do you want to scale up your footprint and profitability yet not certain about the how and what specific action steps to take?
  • Do you feel lonely at the top, looking for a sounding board with whom you can freely and confidentially express your ideas and thoughts?
  • Are you struggling with the complexities all around and wanting to simplify business growth?
  • Are you looking to scale up your leadership presence and impact as a leader?
  • Are repeated distractions taking away your valuable time and attention from what you really need to be focusing on?

CEO Coach PK could help you!

Build a Support System around you, including a CEO Coach!

The CEOs who attempt to ‘go it alone’ while trying to take their business to the next level end up moving slower than the market and sacrificing their profits. They get immersed ‘in’ the business instead of working ‘on’ the business.

On the other hand, CEOs focused on business growth know that their ability to effectively lead their businesses involves building a strong support system around them – including a CEO Coach, who is up-to-speed, at-par and well-placed; with whom they can confidentially share their insights, views, solicit genuine feedback from and co-create appropriate thought patterns and actionable plans to scale up and reach their goals.

When you have high quality support, you’ll be able to:

  • Scale up your business growth and significantly grow your revenues – faster than you thought possible
  • Gain competitive advantage by working smarter and innovating faster
  • Scale up your leadership presence so that you can clearly communicate your vision and lead  your teams more effectively
  • Enhance your ability to focus and quickly overcome distractions that are holding you back from business growth and reaching your goals
  • Simplify approaches to complex situations so that you could act fearlessly and get the outcomes that you want
  • Gain clarity in thoughts and confidence to overcome roadblocks and discover solutions to scale up, that support your path

You’re in the right place!

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start seeing extraordinary outcomes, you’re in the right place.

There’s a reason that many of India’s high-achiever CEOs turn to CEO Coach PK to help scale up their leadership presence, facilitate accelerated business growth and scale up their businesses to the next level. PK works with Clients from different parts of India – such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Hubli, Sirsi.

PK’s ability to ‘simplify’ helps you unpack your complex situations. His ground-breaking business accelerator programs are honed by years of high-level executive coaching, CEO training and consulting. They offer new perspectives to you on how to optimise your valuable time, energy, efforts, and resources to generate the outcomes that you really want.

PK works exclusively with committed, high-performing CEOs who play to win. If this is you, discover how PK can help you scale up, take your business to the next level – to the level that you really want to…

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