It’s essential to Simplify!

We are living in a world that seems increasingly complex. For business leaders all the more so. When things are complex, the kind of emotions we generate are very different from the kind of emotions that get generated when things are simple — And these result in different outcomes as well.

In a Scaling-up business, how do we keep up competencies?

Scaling up businesses, as they grow, find it challenging to keep up with acquiring necessary levels of competencies at different roles. Competencies that were enough for a role at a particular time may soon fall short, as the business moves to the next level.

How much of your potential you’re using right now?

Whenever I’ve asked this question to CEO’s and senior leaders of businesses, the highest number I’ve ever got in response is 40%. Even at that number it looks quite meek. Some even considered the percentage to be in single digits and many in lower double digits for themselves.d a particular level.

How do I solve problems quicker, and keep moving forward?

Business owners wanting to scale-up their businesses face multiple challenges on various fronts, on a daily basis. The success therefore is significantly aided by the Business owner’s ability to solve problems quicker and keep moving ahead, instead of getting stuck.

How am I making choices, taking decisions?

Those Business Owners who are on a scale-up journey would be making choices and taking decisions more often than those on a normal business journey. The mind-set, the thought process behind such choices and decisions, therefore assume a lot of importance.

How to make scaling-up a possibility?

I come across many Business Owners who feel stuck while trying to expand their business. In spite of best efforts and attempts to do multiple things, they seem to be unable to get their business grow beyond a particular level.