Leadership Coaching for CEO / CXOs – how one could move their Coordinates

In a way, Leadership is about one’s ability to inspire, influence and impact more. Leaders are faced with the challenge of building, enhancing these abilities on an ongoing basis, in a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

This is where the Business Leaders, CEOs and CXOs could use Leadership Coaching and Leadership Presence Coaching to up their game; and operate from a different coordinate, from an elevated orbit.

Though Leadership Presence Coaching deals mainly with enhancing Leadership Presence by elevating one’s abilities in areas such as Influencing, Listening, Communication, Simplifying, Emotional Intelligence, and being Open and Curious, some related areas that often come up in our coaching conversations are:    

  • Becoming more Assertive, yet humble
  • Responding than reacting
  • Focusing, dealing with distractions
  • Building authenticity – aligning thoughts, words and actions
  • Balancing being analytical and intuitive
  • Building strong relationships
  • Managing perceptions consciously
  • Focusing on right areas – short, medium and long-term aspects

Leadership Presence can be consciously built and enhanced. Business Leaders, CEOs and CXOs could make use of a support system to enhance their Leadership presence, including that of working with a Leadership Presence Coach

About the Author:

PK Narayanan, CEO Coach, has been helping Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and CEOs Scale-up their Business, Enhance their Leadership Presence, and position their business for long-term success.

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