Case Study 1

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Client industry Real Estate developer
Type of engagement Accelerating business growth, create strategic business plan, positioning for long-term success
Engagement intent
  • Growing the business to annual sales of INR 300 Crore in 6 years (from INR 16 crores).
  • Formulate business strategy - where to play, how to play; 6 year cohesive business plan; high performance management
  • Create an organisation structure, culture and practices to achieve growth.
  • Equipping the CEO to accelerate, and manage the growth
  • Engagement type Coaching CEO, Mentoring Team (as needed)
    Outcomes Sales criteria met for the year 1, 2 and 3. Currently Rs 1,000+ Crore projects in different stages.

    Case Study 2

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    Client industry Information Technology
    Type of engagement Structuring the Business for faster growth, taking business to next level (version 2.0 to 3.0)
    Engagement intent
  • Validate business areas, segments
  • Structuring and creating BUs, prepare for segment leadership
  • Aligning BU heads for performance enhancement
  • Equipping the CEO with enhanced leadership presence
  • Engagement type Coaching CEO, BU Heads
    Outcomes 4 BUs structured, created. BUs successfully functional. Achieved segment leadership in 1 segment in year 2.

    Case Study 3

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    Client industry FMCG
    Type of engagement Accelerating growth, strategic business planning to become a INR 350 Crore business in 5 years (from INR 34 Crores)
    Engagement intent
  • Create strategy for accelerated growth - Where to play, how to play
  • Positioning, create communication strategies
  • Identify and leverage competitive advantage, accentuate differentiators
  • Equip the CEO to prepare for faster growth, managing the growth
  • Engagement type Coaching CEO
    Outcomes Growth objectives successfully met for year 1, year 2. Geographic expansions - on schedule.

    Case Study 4

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    Client industry Food processing
    Type of engagement Aligning top management team for collective brilliance, increase engagement levels
    Engagement intent
  • Bring-in collective brilliance
  • Align personal, team and organisational goals at the top management team level
  • Create awareness, move the team from ‘knowledge’ level to ‘awareness’ level
  • Strive for Individual excellence and collective brilliance
  • Engagement type Team Coaching, Individual Coaching
    Outcomes Improved business performance in terms of revenues and profits. Stable, collaborative and ‘happy’ team. Increased engagement at the top management team level.