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The decisions we take have consequences. Often thinking (over-thinking) about them emotionally makes the decision making process confusing and awfully slow. The fact is that not all of them have long-term consequences. Not all of them are life-changing! One constructive approach while taking decisions is to think of what will be the consequences, what will …

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Inspiring teams

One of the challenges business leaders face is inspiring teams and keeping motivation levels high. One way is to kindle the passion in team members through the larger purpose, meaning in what we do, making it personally important for team members. Another is to work on the Goldilocks Rule while assigning roles – that is, …

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In a recent survey, an impressive 94% of the strong CEOs analysed scored high on consistency – consistently following-through on their commitments. Consistency leads to building Trust, Reliability. As a leader, it’s important to be consistent. #ceo #scaleup #leadership

Taking Decisions

Leadership is about being decisive, and taking decisions in-time. A recent survey found, among CEOs fired over issues related to decision making, only a third lost their jobs due to bad decisions; the rest were ousted for being indecisive. Taking decisions and keep moving at the right pace is crucial. #ceo #leadership #scaleup #decision


Being confused is a challenge often faced while on a Scale-up journey. Reframing works wonders in such contexts, turning challenges in to possibilities. For example reframing ‘I am confused’ in to ‘I need more clarity’, ‘I need more information on this, this and this’. Reframing is empowering. Reframing leads to finding solutions.


Simple may sound less-sophisticated. Simplifying may seem trivial. Simplicity may look easy. Yet, the fact is that when we simplify, things get done. As a leader, when we simplify things become clearer – for us and to our teams; when we get clarity, we are motivated to act! And it’s the action that changes our …

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Decisions and Doing

Often we experience there’s a (big) gap, distance between deciding and doing. It’s the doing (action) that changes our lives – not the ideas, or thoughts or even decisions. How do we bridge the gap between deciding and doing? How do we translate decisions in to actions? A Coach could help! #ceo #leadership #scaleup #action

Time for strategic thinking

In a study of 10,000 plus senior leaders, 97% of them said being strategic is the leadership behaviour most important for Organisation’s success. Interestingly, 96% of the leaders surveyed said they lacked time for strategic thinking! Why we are unable to make time for strategic thinking? Providing time and space, on a daily basis, for …

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Leadership presence

Leadership presence is the hallmark of successful leaders. By definition, when I have leadership presence I’m able to exert influence on others beyond that’s conferred by formal authority. Being present, genuine, clear, authentic, trustworthy, consistent, resolute and resilient significantly contributes to building and enhancing leadership presence. The good news is that we can build leadership …

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