Long-Term Approach

While Scaling-up the Business, it’s important to adopt long-term approach even to short-term decisions. The decision-making process needs to incorporate a strong intent of influencing long-term future positively. Whether it’s in creating or defining Roles, allocating resources, addressing a special situation, creating an innovation roadmap – a conscious, long-term approach helps the growth and sustenance. …

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Research shows (only) 4% businesses Scale-up successfully. The vast 96% either survive or perish. 73% of Business failures are attributed to (just) 3 reasons: Product-Market mismatch, Inefficient Marketing and Communication, and Inappropriate Business model. Another study by researchers say 55% of new Businesses fail because of people issues. To Scale-up successfully, we need to do …

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CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching happens through a series of one-on-one conversations, held in a non-judgmental environment, with high levels of confidentiality, with actions on the ground happening in-parallel. CEO Coaching helps CEOs explore, get challenged, reflect, think deeper, discover blind spots. It helps them simplify, unpack complexities, look for clarity, focus better, find appropriate solutions that works …

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